Our Business

We “Marujo Co., Ltd.” specialize in wholesaling high-quality kimono. Since our company was founded in 1951 in Nihombashi, Tokyo, we have been consistently trading only gofuku (silk kimono). Today, we have grown into the top seller company in this industry in Tokyo.

Our leading products are high-quality silk goods woven by traditional Japanese techniques. Taking advantage of our characteristic as a wholesaler, we offer a one-stop-service for our customers. In particular we have strength in handling any kimono textile in Japan and we can meet the wide-ranging needs of our customers.

The kimono is an important part of Japanese culture. Our mission is to introduce its true beauty to the world and to hand down our traditional culture from generation to generation.

For enquiries, please contact us by the web form on our site.
Notice:Our company is a wholesaler and we do not work directly with consumers.

Examples of our products

●Dyed Textiles

[Traditional crafts]

Tokyo: Tokyo Fine-Pattern Dyeing, Aichi: Arimatsu aperture・Narumi aperture,
Kyoto: Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing, Ishikawa: Kaga Yuzen Dyeing, Okinawa: Ryukyu Bingata Dyeing


[UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage / Important Intangible Cultural Heritage designated by the Japanese government]

Niigata: Ojiya Ramie Crepe / Echigo Fine Ramie, Ibaraki: Yuki Pongee

[Important Intangible Cultural Heritage designated by the Japanese government]

Okinawa: Kumejima Pongee / Kijoka Banana Fiber Cloth / Miyako Fine Ramie

[Traditional crafts]

Yamagata: Oitama Pongee, Tokyo: Honba Kihachijo Fabrics, Ishikawa: Ushikubi Pongee, Kyoto: Nishijin Textiles, Fukuoka: Hakata Textiles, Kagoshima: Oshima Fabrics,
Okinawa: Shuri Fabrics

※The crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Genshifu etc.
Genshifu is a general name for the cloth woven with yarn that is made from fibers gathered from plant leaves, tree trunks, bark, ivy, and vines. It is also called “Kodaifu (ancient cloth)” or “Kodaiori (ancient fabrics)”. Major examples are Bashofu (Banana Fiber Cloth), Shinafu, and Kuzufu.

Company information

Company nameMarujo Co., Ltd.
4-14, Nihombashihisamatsu-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo [map]
RepresentativeIsao Jotatsu, President
Capital48 million yen
Business AreaWholesaling of Japanese clothing・Rental space business